Originality Not Sold In Stores


We work closely with our clients to devise a plan that fits their budget and style. Clients generally look to Kory for his keen sense of design, which is incorporated into every project. We are fair with our prices and take pride in our work. Last but certainly not least – we build bikes to RIDE. Kory Souza Originals bikes prefer life outside the trailer.


Less is more. Our style is very clean and minimalistic. We take away elements that aren’t required for the bike to perform, and focus on functional details. Our work includes very sleek, sexy pieces to very bold, statement pieces. From custom paint to metal fabrication, we make sure the bike flows; front to back.


 Attention To Detail

A project is not complete until it has been completely gone over with a fine-toothed comb. If an element is not pleasing to the eye, we make sure it is out of sight. This type of meticulous attention to detail is what Kory Souza is known for – and our customers appreciate the extra-fine touches incorporated in their builds.

 Customer Service

Simple; we treat our customers the way we like to be treated. We strive for excellent customer service not just during the consultation, but throughout the build and well into the life of the bike. We make ourselves as accessible as possible to our customers and encourage walk-in visits to see what is going on at Kory Souza Originals.